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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, UGLE during the 17th March have officially suspended all Lodge and Chapter meetings for a period of 4 months. In the current circumstances, this action was welcomed and thankfully cleared away all the confusion for secretaries and scribes in directing and making joint GPC decisions for suspending meetings.

In respect to the Albert Lucking we have two meetings suspended - Lodge (21st March) & Chapter (23rd May) both of which will be re-scheduled at a later date, once it is safe to do so.

This pandemic has become unprecedented throughout the world and is changing our lives and the way we live our lives.

It is therefore, essential that we keep in touch with our widows and members, particularly with those who are vulnerable and have underlying medical problems.

Paul Marshall our Assistant Almoner has taken the lead on this by calling for volunteers to assist, if and where possible? - His email outlines the proposals

Paul has had a very good early response with offers of help and he has expressed much appreciation.

However, if you feel you may be able to help, in whatever way even just perhaps calling a brother up, please contact Paul.

His phone number is shown on your summons or you can email him at:



As Deputy Almoner, I would like to ask if any of you would consider helping me, if required, in providing practical assistance to any of our older Bro’s i.e. 70+ for Four months onwards as maybe soon directed by UK government. Also, any Bro’s who are declared to have Corvid-19 and are self-Isolating (for 14 days) if they do not have any other help available to them.


The assistance that could be offered to those in need could include:

1. Basic shopping

2. Collection and delivery of prescriptions; this to be put through the letter box or left at their door with no physical contact. 

3. Any URGENT ONLY matters that do not put others at risk of contracting the Corona Virus.


I should  state that, given our limited resources, we cannot  be considered as an “alternative service” to their own families who have the responsibility to look after their own or to increase the risks to anyone who wishes to help. If you would like to assist me please can you provide me with your contact details, these will not be passed on to any third-party organization or used for any other purposes.


Sincerely & Fraternally


W Bro. Paul Marshall

To all, please take care…