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Worshipful Brother C E (Ted) COOTE

We are unaware whether Ted joined the RAF prior to the commencement of the Second World War or whether he acknowledged the ‘call to arms’ and was called-up like so many other men at that time. However, we are aware that Ted saw action during that theatre of war.

He reached the office of Leading Aircraftmen and assigned to RAF 107 Squadron.

W. Bro C E (Ted) Coote PPGD became a freemason in 1959 being initiated into our lodge; he was an active member performing many duties over the years concluding with that of Chaplain. He was also a member of a Kent lodge receiving honours.

Ted was also a keen painter and below is an example of his work.

He peacefully passed away during the 20th April 1997.

During 12th May 1940 he was aboard a Blenheim IV aircraft (Serial No. L8748, OM-K), airborne from Wattisham, Suffolk on its fateful mission to destroy strategic bridges across the Albert Kanaal at Maastricht, Belgium. Being badly shot about by enemy ME109’s it was force landed in a part of Belgium still in Allied control - this was one of four 107 Squadron Blenheim’s lost on this mission. Ted sustained severe leg injuries and was still in

Le Touquet when the area was over-run by the advancing Germans and he was taken into captivity. Ted was eventually interned in POW camps L1/L6/357.

During May 1943 Ted achieved the rank of Warrant Officer and was summoned to Buckingham Palace during Tuesday, 23rd October 1945 to be invested with the DFM (Distinguished Flying Medal).

Ted Coote letters

This oil painting is of St Albans Cathedral known locally as “the Abbey.” The painting is very descriptive although small as the dimensions are just

14cm x 5cm (5½” x 2”).