This newspaper cutting was discovered in the SOUTHEND STANDARD

October 23rd 1902

It was a regular occurrence for lodges to have some meetings advertised in this way - something which is not continued today.

The article describes the meeting held during circa 18th October 1902 in which James Berry was installed as Master by E M Kemp both founding members. It not only describes all the new officers but also the speeches at the festive board.

It’s also interesting to note that the Mayor of Southend, J Ingram was also in attendance although we are unsure whether he was a member - on further investigation however, it was recorded that James Berry became the Mayor a year later in 1903.

Following the dinner a musical programme was given by what appears to be several members of the lodge - we doubt this would have been an early prelude to our Fish Night entertainment?


Rochford Hundred Lodge 8922

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