We recently had an enquiry about Ted from Holland and a Ben van Drogenbroek - It would appear that Ben, for some 38 years has had a very keen interest in POW war camps during WWII and in particular Stalag Luft 3. His interest covered daily life in the camp and theatre activities.

You can see some more pictures of this production from this link

With special thanks to Ben van Drogenbroek who’s interest has taken him to meet ex POW’s in England and USA and he has become a writer in his own right with a 640 page book about Stalag Luft 3 “The Camera Became My Passport Home.” 

The prisoners performed some shows even though he states, they had few resources, but they could make everything out of nothing. Equally it was an "all-male" camp, so the female parts had to be played by men. They had to alter their voice and mannerism, and padding-out in the appropriate places they represented the ladies from theatre-land.

This is where it becomes really interesting, as one such presentation was “Bums on Broadway” and the photo below shows and names the actors and if you look closely our “Ted” is No. 1…