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Our meeting today opened at 4.30pm promptly by W Bro. Vic Chivers. Following the reading of the minutes from our January meeting, W Bro. Vic proceeded with as a double passing ceremony. This was enhanced with the long explanation of the working tools by Bro. Josh Vaughan and an explanation of the tracing board by Bro. Paul Field; both presentations received the DC’s ‘call to order’ from the brethren. We received as a new member, a long standing visitor, W Bro. Pat Groves. Pat expressed his thanks to his proposer and seconder and was looking forward to his time with the lodge. W Bro. Clem Britton attended the meeting today and received a heartfelt rendition of ‘happy birthday’ to celebrate him reaching the gentlemanly age of 90! - Following the closing of the lodge a photo was taken with Clem sitting proudly with all the members surrounding him. The brethren then retired to what must be the lodges first ever ‘Indian meal’ festive board. Photo…   


OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 21st 2017 - W Bro. Barry Nichols opened his lodge for the final time promptly at 3pm. The brethren were called to order for the sad loss of W Bro. Richard Walker. Following the reading of the minutes and approving the accounts W Bro. Barry proceeded with the installation ceremony by asking W Bro’s MacMillan, McCormack and James to act as SW, JW & IG respectively. He then went on to install Bro Paul Marshall as Master in a first class ceremony. Paul took on the role of Master with ease, confidently carrying out his duties with cordial respect from the brethren. Bro’s Paul Field, Chris Bull and Joshua Vaughan each gave the presentation of the various degree tools in equally splendid measure. W Bro. Paul Thurgood gave the address to the Wardens and W Bro. McCormack closed the ceremony with the address to the brethren. The meeting was attended by 5 reigning past masters together with (now becoming a regular visitor to our lodge) W Bro. Simon Westwood from the Shenstonian Lodge in Warwickshire keeping our connection with his lodge clearly open. The meeting concluded at 6.20pm and the brethren retired to a hearty festive board.

NOVEMBER 18th 2017 - W Bro. Paul Marshall opened his lodge promptly at 4pm. Unfortunately our proposed initiate had fallen ill and was unable to make the meeting and as the lodge was given little notice it was agreed we proceed with a demonstration of the first degree. The Worshipful Master then confidently performed the ceremony with Dean Fielder acting as the candidate. Josh Vaughan presented the working tools with Paul Thurgood delivering the charge. There then followed a presentation of the first degree tracing board by Paul Field. The explanation and delivery of this very little seen work by Paul was exemplary and he was given a rapturous ‘call to order.’ A visiting brother also stood to express his appreciation. Also amongst our visitors today we had 6 brethren from the Yare Valley Lodge 8899 in Norwich escorted by their own W Bro. Jon Hyam, the brain child behind the visit. The brethren received an escorted tour of our Masonic centre and expressed their thanks for what they said was a thoroughly enjoyable meeting and the hearty festive board that followed -  photo

JANUARY 20th 2018 - Today was an important day for our Master Paul Marshall as he was performing the ceremony. But… this would be his first ‘real’ ceremony as at his last meeting he performed a demonstration of the first degree due to the candidate unable to attend ‘at the last minute’ because of illness. The ceremony today however, was a double initiation adding an exciting edge to the proceedings which Paul handled very professionally and avoiding the pitfalls of ‘he & they.’ He was ably supported by all his officers but credit must be given to the Deacons in particular the Junior Deacon for controlling the floor work. The working tools were presented by Josh Vaughan and the charge by Paul Thurgood; we also had our guest Brian Catt giving the preamble to the charge. The brethren retired to a festive board including ‘Haggis’ addressed by our own Graeme McCormack. The members were also presented with their Firing Glasses in memory of our departed brother John Willis; the glasses will be used only at our installation evenings but tonight they were used for the toast to our Master.

FEBRUARY 17th 2018 - W Bro. Paul Marshall opened ‘his lodge’ for his penultimate time promptly at 4pm. He then opened in all three degrees and vacated the chair for Terry Thurston our DC who performed the third degree ceremony in his inimitable style. Our IPM Barry Nichols presented the third degree working tools and Graeme McCormack his now regular walking charge. The report here is relatively short but the ceremony was a pleasure to watch. The brethren retired to yet another of our hearty ‘Lucking’ festive boards.

MARCH (FISH NIGHT) 17th 2018 - What a great final meeting for our Worshipful Master, Paul Marshall. His year in office culminated in this ‘swan song’ of a day. He strongly opened the meeting to some 60 members and visitors. He had a special visitor requiring admittance namely W Bro. Tony White our new APGM. Paul went on to perform a second degree with the help of his officers and Chris Bull delivering the tools and Paul Field a faultless explanation of the second degree tracing board. The APGM presented Grand Lodge certificates to 3 members but sadly was unable to present Bro. Les Steptoe his 60 year certificate as Les who is finding things a little difficult these days, was unable to attend; the certificate will be taken and presented to Les at a later date in the year. Finally, it was our Fish Night festive board and a special night as Stuart James who has compared the event for some 15 years is finally standing down and handing over the reins to Austin Latham.


OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 15th 2016 - The meeting was opened punctually at 3pm by W Bro. Austin Latham. The brethren were called to order for the sad loss of R W Bro. Guy Jerman PPGM and our own Bro Harold (Harry) Beresford. Following the reading of the minutes and approving the accounts W Bro. Austin proceeded with the installation ceremony by asking W Bro’s MacMillan, James and Steptoe to act as SW, JW & IG respectively. Once all Master Masons retired from the lodge he vacated the chair for W Bro. McCormack to install Bro Barry Nichols as Master. Following a call off W Bro. Austin resumed the position of installing Master. W. Bro McCormack gave the address to the Master, W Bro. Roy Squibb the Wardens address and W Bro. Terry Thurston closed the ceremony with the address to the brethren. The meeting was attended by 14 reigning past masters together with W Bro. Simon Westwood from the Shenstonian Lodge in Warwickshire who was not only a reigning master but also the finder of our founders chairs; these chairs were also used today for the first time in many a year. Our secretary proudly gave an address on how the chairs were discovered and a presentation of a cheque for Simon’s Lodge charity was made. This was the icing on the cake for a wonderful afternoon. (A more detailed account of the return of our founders chairs can be seen in our History pages)

NOVEMBER 19th 2016 - W Bro. Barry Nichols confidently opened the lodge at 4pm punctually to what was to become a 5 star meeting. He went on to perform a first class initiation ceremony with the full support of his officers. Praise must be afforded to our Junior Deacon Bro. Matt Lenton for his confident control of the candidate and to Bro. Chris Bull who presented the working tools (his second meeting having only recently joined). Finally Bro. Paul Field for yet another delivery of the charge with pre-amble he is now becoming renowned for. The afternoon proceeded with an extremely pleasant task of balloting for W Bro. Clem Britton to become a Honorary member of the lodge. This was carried out successfully and W Bro. Clem expressed his deep heartfelt appreciation for the honour and also being presented with a framed certificate; he received a hearty well deserved round of applause. Following this we had another ballot for W Bro. Stephen Bull to become a joining member of the lodge with his son Chris closely watching on. Meetings don’t get better than this!

JANUARY 21st 2017 - The lodge was opened at 4pm by W Bro. Barry Nichols who guided the proceedings towards a double raising ceremony. W Bro. Graeme McCormack occupied the chair for the first part of the ceremony with W Bro. Terry Thurston taking over for the traditional history; Graeme also returned to deliver the Walking Charge. Very well done Graeme & Terry. Praise must also be afforded to our two deacons Bro. Paul Field and Bro. Matt Lenton who both had additional duties being a double ceremony; Bro. Paul also presented the working tools. A double raising ceremony can be awkward to perform but today it was accomplished in a professional and smooth manner appreciated by all in attendance. W Bro. Graeme McCormack also acted as ADC and was again in action at the festive board performing the address to the haggis! - By the end of the evening he was glad of the rest! - Finally, we also had a return visit from the discoverer of our founders chairs W Bro. Simon Westwood (Shenstonian Lodge, Warwickshire) who shared a glass of Port with all.

FEBRUARY 18th 2017 - W Bro. Barry Nichols opened the lodge at 4pm for what was to be a near repeat of our last meeting that being a double raising ceremony. W Bro. Graeme McCormack again performed the first part of the ceremony with W Bro. Terry Thurston the traditional history; another rendition of the Walking Charge was also delivered by Graeme in his usual exemplary fashion. But, from here on things were different as due to our Senior deacon, Paul Field being sadly absent the officers had to step up with Bro’s Matt Lenton, Roger Northwood & Danny Savage occupying the SD, JD & IG positions respectively. Having only 2 weeks notice of the change and being a double raising the brethren must be applauded for their sterling efforts in producing and excellent ceremony. It goes without saying that all our officers are now looking for a quieter passing ceremony next month! - Away from the ceremony we had in attendance W Bro. Colin Felton, Chairman of the Essex Provincial Stewards Committee  who gave an overview of our Essex Festival 2022 and the many various ways of donating to it but was particular pleased to thank our members today for the lodge donation of £9000 to the fund (which was agreed this very afternoon).  Once transacted our Lodge will receive a Vice Patron Honorific!! - A hearty Steak & Kidney pudding festive board followed!

MARCH (FISH NIGHT) 18th 2017 - The Lodge was opened at 4pm with an attendance of 66 including our own APGM W Bro. Robert Whittingham. Our Master W Bro. Barry Nichols went on to perform his final full meeting in office by carrying out a first class passing ceremony, fully supported by his officers. W Bro. Steve Bull presented the working tools to his son Chris the candidate for passing. W Bro. Stuart James presented the Grand Lodge certificates to 3 members in his usual walking presentation. Bro. Paul Marshall was declared Master Elect for the year 2017/2018. The afternoon concluded with the annual Fish Night festive board consisting of fish, wine and song.


OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 17th 2015 - Our meeting today commenced with the brethren standing to order for the sad loss of W Bro. Dennis Joy who sadly passed away earlier this year. Our master Lewis Mayo having guided the lodge through the early procedures of the meeting then asked W Bro. Terry Thurston to occupy the SW chair - W Bro. Stuart James the JW chair and W Bro. Mike Steptoe to act as IG. He then proceeded to thank his officers for supporting him during his year in office. Having opened the lodge in the 2nd degree he obligated Austin Latham as master elect and once in the 3rd degree invited W Bro. Terry Thurston to take the chair to install Austin as Master. The day was particularly poignant to Austin as 45 years ago this very day he took his Oath of Allegiance known as Attestation in joining the Royal Corps of Signals. Following a call off the ceremony proceed with Lewis presenting W Bro. Austin in the 3 degrees. Bro. Matt Lenton presented the 3rd degree working tools, Bro. Paul Field the 2nd degree long version and Bro. Dan Savage the 1st; all giving an excellent rendition. W Bro. Terry then gave the address to the Master - W Bro Austin then appointed and installed his officers. W Bro. Andy Latham gave the address to the Wardens and to conclude the whole ceremony W Bro. Graeme McCormack giving a faultless address to the brethren - Photos…

NOVEMBER 22nd 2015 - W Bro. Austin Latham opened his first full meeting as Master with confidence and gusto and professionally controlled the proceedings.

W Bro. Lewis Mayo was invited to occupy the chair for the ceremony of a double initiation and with the assistance of the officers performed a splendid ceremony. A special mention must be made of both deacons for their skill in controlling the candidates around the floor and in particular Bro. Paul Field for his excellent delivery of the charge with pre-amble. Bro. Dan Savage presented the working tools in a faultless presentation. It was a splendid afternoon with the good feeling continuing to the festive board following.    

JANUARY 16th 2016 - Today’s meeting had an ‘feel good’ factor which gave the ceremony of raising an extra boost. Our Master W Bro. Austin opened the meeting and confidently steered us to the degree ceremony which was performed splendidly by W Bro. Terry Thurston and W Bro. Richard Bedini. Our senior deacon, Bro. Vic Chivers was first class ably supported by the Junior Deacon, Bro. Paul Field and Bro. Matt Lenton presenting the working tools. The ‘Walking Charge’ was delivered in his usual sincere manner by W Bro. Graeme McCormack who was also attired in Scottish dress. The ‘feel good’ factor spilled over to the festive board with Haggis on the menu and W Bro. Graeme presenting that age old address with his additional informative and humorous interpretation of the Haggis. A memorable event for all those who were present.

FEBRUARY 20th 2016 - It was an early start to our meeting today 3pm but, there was a lot to be done. Following the formal entrance of our visiting APGM W Bro. Robert Whittingham and early agenda our Worshipful Master vacated the chair for his ‘real’ brother W Bro. Andy Latham who performed and excellent passing ceremony with Bro. Matt Lenton presenting the tools. The ceremony was concluded with an explanation of the second degree tracing board by Bro. Dave Bolton in his inimitable style. Following a short comfort break the lodge was resumed with our eldest member W Bro. Clem Britton (87) performing an initiation ceremony. The last time Clem had performed this ceremony was in 1991 and he justly deserved the spontaneous round of applause. W Bro. Iain MacMillan presented the working tools and Bro. Paul Field concluded this ceremony with the pre-amble and charge. W Bro. Brian Bowden-Brown then presented a Grand lodge certificate to Bro. Lloyd Brooks in his unique extremely interesting style. Dinner had to be put back by 15 minutes following this extraordinarily long day.

MARCH (FISH NIGHT) 19th 2016 - W. Bro Austin Latham commenced his final full meeting as Master of the Lodge promptly at 4pm. Following the minutes W. Bro Stuart James was invited into the chair to perform the ceremony of a double passing. Being a double ceremony, praise must be afforded to the two deacons for their skill in managing candidate perambulations and exchanges in a professional and controlled manner. Bro Paul Field presented the long version of the degree tools in his usual with feeling and confident approach. Following the ceremony appropriate elections took place in anticipation of our October installation meeting later in the year with Bro Barry Nichols being declared Master Elect for the ensuing year. This pleasant afternoon concluded with our annual Fish Night extravaganza with W. Bro Stuart James comparing the evening with his usual agenda of fun and song ably assisted with his partner in crime from Norwich, W. Bro Jon Hyam. Sadly missing this year was Tony Compton our ‘part of the furniture’ accordion player who had been taken ill however, Dennis Sharp was called in and provided an equally first class musical accompaniment making the evening another great success - photos

LOI ‘CURRY NIGHT’ 30th MARCH 2016 - To celebrate the end of our LOI Masonic year Austin suggested that we have a Curry Night which was eagerly taken up by the members. So the ‘Regency Spice’ at Rochford was chosen and 17 attended which included our recently elected Tyler and a prospective candidate designated for joining us later in the year. Needless to say it was a convivial evening of friendly banter, chat and laughter - the food wasn’t bad either! - a night perhaps to be repeated again photos

LADIES (HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR) NIGHT 23rd APRIL 2016 - Our ladies this year were invited to a Hollywood themed evening at the Arlington Rooms, Leigh. The president Austin Latham and his lady Rhona welcomed 100 guests to a champagne reception followed by a 3 course dinner served with wine. Following the coffee a toast was proposed to the ladies who all also received a gift of a heart design vanity mirror; Judith Thurston gave a more than suitable reply. There was a large raffle with proceeds going to Chrohns & Colitis and Lady Mcadden; Rhona introduced her son Michael who suffers from Chrohns & Colitis who then gave a few words on the disabilitating disease. The monies raised from the evening was £880 - a befitting amount for a great evening - photos



OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 18th 2014 -The meeting was on target for some calamities with the treasurer and DC both being absent and to cap it all our secretary possibly being late!!!! – but fear not… other than the meeting being put back by half an hour to allow a little more time for our secretary to arrive, all went well and the afternoons work was a joy to watch. Our installing master Terry Thurston performed a wonderful ceremony in placing Lewis Mayo into the chair. Lewis took on his roll with equal verve putting all his work at the LOI during the past six weeks to good use. Presentation of tools were excellently performed by Matt Lenton, Paul Field and Lloyd Brooks. Roy Squibb gave the Wardens address and our new joining member Graeme McCormack gave a faultless address to the brethren. Finally, our acting DC Simon Clarkson once again showed his versatility in performing many different roles. Our new master Lewis Mayo has also performed many acting roles during his career in freemasonry and therefore justly deserves the accolade of becoming the master of our lodge.

NOVEMBER 15th 2014 - The first full meeting for our new master W. Bro Lewis Mayo commenced at 4pm. He took control from the start and performed a ceremony of initiation exceedingly well with valued support from his new officers. A particular mention must be made for our relatively new member Bro Paul Field who presented not only the tools of the degree but also the charge with pre-amble in an exemplary manner. The initiate was in awe of the whole ceremony and appreciated all the work that was involved. W. Bro Britton gave the long closing ending a fantastic afternoons work with a great start to Lewis’s year.

JANUARY 17th 2015 - Our master W. Bro Lewis Mayo opened the lodge promptly at 4pm. The ceremony today was a double raising with W. Bro Terry Thurston performing the degree and W. Bro Richard Bedini presenting the traditional history both ably supported by the lodge officers. Our master, Lewis presented the third degree working tools which was then followed by the ‘walking charge’ given by W. Bro Graeme McCormack in an exemplary manner which concluded the ceremony perfectly. W. Bro Graeme has become a valued member of our lodge after only joining us during March last year. The afternoon also included our charity steward W. Bro Mike Steptoe giving details of the £6,495 the lodge has given in support of various charities during 2014.

FEBRUARY 21sth 2015 - W. Bro Lewis Mayo opened the lodge promptly at 4.30pm. There was an immediate knock on the door and our APGM W. Bro Robert Whittingham was admitted. There followed a second degree passing ceremony performed by our Master Lewis assisted by his officers with a sterling performance by our SD Bro Paul Marshall. The tools were presented by Bro Matt Lenton and a rendition of the extended version of the second degree tracing board delivered impeccably by Bro Dave Bolton; our DC brought the Brethren to order in appreciation of Bro Dave’s excellent presentation of ritual. W. Bro Stuart James then presented two Grand Lodge certificates in his walking presentation much appreciated by the brethren. A lovely afternoon with the meeting over-running by some 30 minutes.

MARCH (FISH NIGHT) 21st 2015 - The Lodge was opened at 4pm and the brethren were called to order in remembrance of W. Bro John Willis who passed away sadly just 6 months from his 100th birthday. John had been a resident in Stisted Hall over the past 4 years and on many occasions praised the home’s staff for the excellent way they cared for him. Following this sad start the meeting continued however with several officers being unavoidably absent a few changes had to be made; W. Bro Simon Clarkson acted as DC & Chaplin, W. Bro Roy Squibb as ADC, Bro Barry Nichols as Junior Warden and Bro Matt Lenton as Inner Guard. This however did not effect the excellent double initiation ceremony with our Master Lewis Mayo on top form. A particular mention must also be given to Bro Vic Chivers as Junior Deacon, Bro Lloyd Brooks for the working tools and Bro Paul Field who gave a faultless pre-amble and charge which received a well deserved call to order. Following this the Master then declared Bro Austin Latham as Master Elect for the ensuing year. The brethren retired to the annual Fish Night festive board in which 58 dined to a 5 course fish supper with song and humour under the guidance of W. Bro Stuart James competently supported by Bro Barry Nichols and from Norfolk, W. Bro Jon Hyam. Certainly, a day to remember… click for pictures

JUNE (‘D’ DAY SPECIAL) LADIES EVENING 6th 2015 - Our ‘D’ Day special commenced at 6.30pm and got off to a great start with a Champagne reception. This was followed with our president Lewis Mayo being escorted by Jane Byrne (one of his ‘two’ ladys for the evening) into the dining area for a 4 course dinner. Stephanie Taylor was his other lady who also assisted. The tables were adorned with bespoke place cards and menus designed on the theme of the evening including some cutout medals. A magician also moved between the tables ‘wowing’ the guests. Following dinner our compare for the evening and the event main organiser Austin Latham then introduced Paul Field who proposed a toast to the Ladies to which Yvonne Marshall gave an appropriate reply. Stuart James then proposed a toast to our President and Master of the Lodge, Lewis Mayo who also gave a hearty reply. All the ladies received a gift of a delightful bracelet which all varied in design. A round of ‘heads & tails’ took place together with a raffle which included many excellent prizes including a 24” TV incorporating a DVD. The monies raised from the evening was (tba) which will be for our Masters charity, Admiral Nurses incorporated within Dementia UK. Once all the eating and talking was over the dancing commenced with some nostalgic Glenn Miller music from the era followed by current music trends. Austin Latham and his team must be congratulated for organising what was a superb evening which is clearly shown in these photos


OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 19th 2013 - Today’s meeting was unusual to say the least—due to various circumstances it was agreed that our reigning Master Terry Thurston, would remain in office for a further year. This meant that the installation ceremony would be a very brief affair. That being so it was achieved in a very professional manner under the guidance of our DC Richard Bedini providing many with a ceremony not seen before. W.Bro Bowden-Brown gave the address to the brethren. There followed an excellent initiation ceremony performed fautlessly by our Worshipful Master and very ably supported by all his officers. Bro Matt Lenton presented the working tools and Bro. Dave Bolton the charge with pre-amble. So ended this unusual day for our lodge but a day certainly to be remembered.

NOVEMBER 16th 2013 - 50 were in attendance today and witnessed a most moving meeting. Our W/M Terry Thurston raised Bro Matt Lenton in a sincere and word perfect ceremony. Bro Barry Nichols presented the working tools and W/Bro Brian Bowden-Brown gave a faultless walking charge. Among the guests who witnessed the ceremony was our APGM W. Bro Cliff Thoms who was there to present a 60 year certificate to our Father of the lodge W. Bro Maurice Sharp. This was followed with a presentation from the lodge by the W/M of a cheque for a £100 which Maurice immediately returned requesting it be sent to the Philippine appeal. Maurice gave a moving few words of thanks. To end the meeting the lodge then approved over £1000 in charity donations. All in all a delightful day which concluded with an equally delightful festive board.

JANUARY 18th 2014 - The meeting was opened at 4pm promptly. Following the reading and confirmation of the November meeting minutes the Worshipful Master W. Bro Terry Thurston proceeded to carry out an initiation ceremony. Being well into his second year as Master, Terry performed a faultless ceremony supported by his officers. Bro Roger Northwood (being his first time) gave an excellent presentation of the working tools. Bro Dave Bolton gave another faultless charge with pre-amble. The 33 brethren in attendance enjoyed a splendid afternoon and equally festive board with Bro Paul Field presenting an excellent toast to our visitors.

FEBRUARY 15th 2014 - W. Bro Terry Thurston with his officers today performed a passing ceremony. As usual an excellent ceremony but on this occasion with Bro Barry Nichols taking on the role of Senior Deacon in the absence of Bro Garry Wright. Barry currently a steward performed the work faultlessly. Bro Matt Lenton presented the working tools and Bro Dave Bolton delivered ‘in his inimitable style’ the second degree charge. Their followed a ballot which proved in favour of W. Bro Maurice Sharp becoming an honoury member of the lodge.

MARCH (FISH NIGHT) 15th 2014 -Our March meeting was a passing ceremony with W. Bro Terry Thurston carrying out his last full meeting as Worshipful Master following his two years occupying the chair. He performed what we have now come to expect a faultless ceremony with Bro Matt Lenton presenting the long second degree working tools. Time and circumstances was available for Bro Dave Bolton to deliver an explanation of the second degree tracing board—a delight for all present. W. Bro Stuart James then presented Matt his Grand Lodge Certificate delivered in an innovative way to our usual presentations again appreciated by all. Bro Lewis Mayo was elected Master Elect for the ensuing year and we welcomed W. Bro Graeme McCormack as a joining member of the lodge. W. Bro Stuart James didn’t manage to get the sack last year from comparing our Fish Night festive board and so was in control again. However, he was assisted this year with Bro Barry Nichols who happened to be renamed ‘Bob’ during the course of the evening! - don’t ask… W. Bro Tony Compton gave his usual musical accompaniment and the evening was a great success.

MAY (MAY BALL) 3rd 2014 -The May Ball was a very successful occasion. Plenty of smiling faces after a glass of Bubbly or two. Food, wine and good music started the evening off. Lots of people up dancing and showing off their moves on the Dance floor (a few aches and pains the next day no doubt!!) - The raffle raised over £700 and in total we raised £935 for Terry’s charity Cancer Research UK (Two brethren who were unable to attend increased this total to £1005). A big pat on the back to all the Brethren and their guests who came along and made the night an enjoyable evening and I hope with many happy memories.


OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 20th 2012 - The meeting was a very low turnout (49) for such a prestigious event but our installing master Andy Latham was not in anyway deterred  and installed our Master Elect, Terry Thurston in a wonderful ceremony keeping with the high standards achieved in the Albert Lucking Lodge. Terry was quick to take up his duty by smoothly installing his officers and professionally concluding the remainder of the afternoons agenda. We must mention he also installed our new Tyler, Richard Hitchcock who took over from John Sheppard who sadly for health reasons, had decided to give up his tyling duties. The festive board was a very relaxed affair which also gave our ‘now’ past master, Andy Latham the opportunity to thank the brethren for his past year in office especially as he was for some part unwell and gave a very special thank you (plus a bottle of ‘quality’ gin) to our Almoner, Roy Squibb who was very supportive during that time.

NOVEMBER 17th 2012 - Sadly our meeting today was limited to a small attendance following several absences for sickness including our IPM, Almoner & Junior Deacon; W. Bro. Brian Bowden-Brown acted as IPM and Bro Iain MacMillan took over the duties of JD both in a competent manner. With these changes and reduced attendance, did not deter our Master Terry Thurston in carrying out an excellent passing ceremony. The icing on the cake however must be the presentation of the second degree tracing board by Bro Dave Bolton. His confident delivery was first class holding the interest of all present with many agreeing it was one of the best they have ever heard.

We were blessed also with W. Bro. John Willis our honourary member being at the meeting. John is currently residing in Stisted Hall and was brought to the meeting by his home carers. Although being a young 96 year old he remembered and chatted with many of the members and was fully aware of the lodge proceedings especially the tracing board address which he used to perform regularly; like the other members he was eager to praise Bro Dave.

The afternoon proved to be a very memorable occasion.

JANUARY 19th 2013 - The meeting was opened at 4pm promptly. Before any business our Worshipful Master W. Bro. Terry Thurston reported on the loss of W. Bro. Ray James who passed away just before Christmas and called on  W. Bro. Stuart James who gave an eulogy of Ray’s masonic career and his life; the brethren stood to order for departed merit.

The afternoon continued with the W.M. performing an excellent 3rd degree with W. Bro. Bedini giving the traditional history; Bro Paul Marshall presented the working tools. The candidate today was Bro Vic Chivers who’s duty as Inner Guard was taken over by W. Bro. James for the ceremony.

FEBRUARY 16th 2013 - The meeting today was attended by W. Bro. Robert Whittingham PSGW an official guest from the Province; he was escorted by W. Bro. Dan Thurlow PGStwd. The ceremony was another 3rd degree in which the W.M. W. Bro. Terry Thurston performed the obligation and raising and W. Bro. Richard Bedini gave the traditional history; Bro Paul Marshall presented the working tools. Bro Nicholls (the candidate for raising) couldn’t have wished for a better ceremony but there was more to come as W. Bro. Bowden-Brown then gave a perfect ‘walking charge’ which was fully appreciated by all present.

MARCH (FISH NIGHT) 16th 2013 - There were a total of 73 members & guests attending the meeting which consisted of an initiation ceremony which our W.M. Terry Thurston performed faultless. He was ably supported by his officers with Bro Matt Lenton presenting the working tools and Bro Dave Bolton giving the charge with pre-amble. To follow was the presentation of Grand lodge certificates to Bro’s Vic Chivers & Barry Nicholls by W. Bro. Bowden-Brown; needless to say he provided his own description which was very detailed and extremely interesting and certainly a departure from the several various standard papers.

A ballot was taken and proved in favour of making W. Bro. Richard Hartwell an honourary member of the Lodge. W. Bro. Richard is the Father of the lodge having joined in 1947; he has given 100% support over the years but is currently having a few health problems preventing him from attending the last few meetings. We are all hoping that Richard will be able to make our October meeting.     

W. Bro. Stuart James returned yet again for what would be ‘he declared, YET AGAIN’ definitely his final year as compare to the festive ‘fish’ board; his tactic this year was to provide a sub-standard performance that hopefully should get him sacked!! - watch this space…

W. Bro. Tony Compton gave his usual musical accompaniment and who it should be noted at our last meeting became our official guest organist.

MAY (LADIES EVENING) 25th 2013 - As the lodge had not had a Ladies Evening for the past few years our master Terry Thurston decided that we would be having one this year. So along with his wife Judith and Austin Latham & Paul Marshall and their respected wives they set about it. The result was a lovely evening in the new Jubilee Suite at Saxons Hall. Following the dinner Austin gave an address to the ladies with his wife Rhona providing a suitable reply. All the members of the lodge gathered together and sung the Ladies Song to Judith; having to  recover from this ‘almost in tune’ but sincere rendition she received a bouquet of flowers from the lodge presented by Matt Lenton. Judith then gave a lovely and heartfelt reply. Stuart James gave an address to Terry who responded in his usual inimitable style with some sincere words to Judith. Rhona Latham and Yvonne Marshall were also presented with a bouquet for their hard work and Terry gave hearty thanks to our Master of Ceremonies, Lewis Mayo. There followed an evening of dancing.

The raffle prizes included a Kindle, Ted Baker designer watches and many other quality prizes many donated by business friends of Terry & Judith; the monies raised during the evening achieved £867 for Terry’s charity ‘Cancer Research UK.’


OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 15th 2011 - The Albert Lucking Lodge commenced its new year with superb installation of Bro. Andy Latham performed by the installing master W. Bro. Simon Clarkson. W. Bro. Simon in concluding his second term as Master performed a faultless ceremony to herald Andy as our new master. Andy didn’t let us down either with an equally faultless display of installing his officers and controlling the remainder of the meeting. For the many visitors that attended they expressed their pleasure in witnessing a wonderful ceremony and also enjoyed the many officer changes the lodge had to make this year which included a new IPM, Treasurer, Chaplain, DC, Charity Steward & ADC.   

NOVEMBER 19th 2011 - This being W. Bro. Andy Latham’s first full meeting in the chair was carried out to perfection. The ceremony being an initiation was an extra bonus for Andy for him to be able to introduce someone into freemasonry.

Andy who has performed the first degree for several years now in LOI did a great job and Bro Stuart Stamps presented the working tools. The ceremony was concluded with W. Bro. Paul Thurgood giving the charge.

Our ‘regular’ visiting Grand Officer Robert Mount presented Bro Kevin Smith with his Grand Lodge Certificate which concluded a good afternoons work.

JANUARY (600th meeting) 21st 2012 - Our W.M. Andy Latham opened our 600th meeting at 3.30pm with 120 brethren in attendance. The minutes from our previous meeting were read and confirmed, the Almoner and Charity Stewards gave their reports, a Charity collection was taken and the lodge closed.

The temple was then reset to allow for a demonstration of a First Degree (Irish constitution) performed by our visitors the Skillet & Trowel Lodge 981.  

The ceremony was delivered with a sincere, relaxed and at times humorous approach by the Irish team showing clear differences to the English ritual. Several Irish dignitaries were in attendance along with our APGM Cliff Thoms. The afternoon concluded with a bumper festive board in the new ’soon to be refurbished’ banqueting suite in Saxon Hall. (The room had recently been re-acquired by the centre from their outgoing tenant and was to be refurbished into a ‘state of the art’ banqueting suite but at the moment was somewhat far from that image so several of the brethren a week before had come along and put a lick of paint on the walls and with draped flags of various nations provided by our Master the room became fit for our special day.)

A mention was made in the Metro Mason the Irish equivalent of the Essex Mason.  

The day was deemed a great success and will be remembered for years to come.

The festive board consisted of: Haggis Tatties & Neeps (address given by regular visitor W/Bro Graeme McCormack), Welsh Lamb Stew with New Potatoes & Buttered Savoy Cabbage, Crème Brulee, English Cheese Board, Red or White Wine—Coffee or Tea.

FEBRUARY 19th 2012 - The meeting today included a passing in which our master W. Bro. Andy Latham gave a very polished presentation of the ceremony including the tools and ‘second degree charge’ - rarely heard in this lodge and possibly many others. He was ably supported by his officers for what was a relatively small meeting which is usual for February but it felt a little more dwarfed in comparison to our 600th meeting during January!

MARCH (FISH NIGHT) 17th 2012 - Our Worshipful Master Andy Latham began the meeting by calling the brethren to order to remember W. Bro. David Calcutt who passed to the lodge above since our last meeting; a potted history of his Masonic career was read by our Secretary.

W. Bro. Andy then went on to conclude his final meeting as Master by performing a passing ceremony. As with the previous meeting he was exemplary in his rendition of the passing and charge. Bro Dave Bolton gave a word perfect address of the ‘long’ second degree working tools.

A ballot was taken and proved in favour of making W/Bro John Willis an honourary member of the Lodge. W/Bro John had given sterling support since joining the lodge in 1982 but following a stroke was now being cared for in Stisted Hall together with his wife.  

W. Bro. Stuart James returned yet again for what would be ‘he declared’ definitely his final year as compare to the festive ‘fish’ board; a mention was even made in the song sheet, showing he was determined this time—’watch this space.’ He was supported with his usual music accompaniment in the form of W/Bro Tony Compton and his ‘old’ mate from Norwich, W. Bro. Jon Hyam. Needless to say a great evening was had by all.


OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 16th 2010 - W. Bro. Bill Fraser performed a wonderful ceremony in installing W. Bro. Simon Clarkson once again into the chair of our lodge. W. Bro. Simon was pleased for a second opportunity of taking the office and proudly recited his obligation. W. Bro. Bill completed the ceremony with a first class address to Simon. The presenters of the working tools Bro’s Lewis Mayo, Dave Bolton and Ian Macmillan deserve a mention for their perfect explanations.

Sadly, the meeting was low in attendance so many missed the excellent work in the Temple today.

NOVEMBER 20th 2010 - The meeting was attended by W. Bro. A. J. Clark APGM who made his attendance soon after the meeting had opened. The proceedings continued with W. Bro. Simon Clarkson vacating the chair in favour of W. Bro. Richard Bedini who performed an excellent 3rd degree ceremony. Following a brief comfort break there then followed a presentation of a 50 year certificate to W/Bro David Calcutt. The APGM W. Bro. Clark in presenting the certificate reminded us of many world events that had taken place during W/Bro David’s 50 years of membership in the Lodge and warmly congratulated him on his achievement. David gave thanks to the lodge with particular mention of his father who introduced him to freemasonry.

JANUARY 15th 2011 - Our W.M. Simon Clarkson invited W. Bro. Brian Bowden-Brown to take the chair and perform the ceremony of Raising; as usual Brian didn’t let us down with a wonderful ceremony which was further enhanced with a presentation of the ‘Walking Charge’ performed by a regular visitor to our lodge W. Bro. Graeme McCormack. Our senior warden Andy Latham gave the long explanation of the Master Masons apron and Bro. Lewis Mayo (our acting Senior Deacon) gave the presentation of the tools.

All in all a splendid afternoon.

FEBRUARY 19th 2011 - The meeting today included a intitiation ceremony performed splendidly with our master W. Bro. Simon Clarkson ably supported by Bro. Stuart Stamps presenting the tools and W. Bro. Paul Thurgood the charge. W. Bro. Simon went on the to present W. Bro. Richard Walker with his Provincial Grand Lodge Regalia on his first honour of Past Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.

MARCH (FISH NIGHT) 19th 2011 - W. Bro. Simon Clarkson opened the lodge for his penultimate meeting as master in his usual confident manner and proceeded to perform his second initiation. The ceremony was performed  as usual to the high standards of the Lodge. Bro Paul Marshall presented the working tools and W. Bro. Paul Thurgood gave the charge with all the remaining officers providing their strong support. W. Bro. Calcutt was presented with a gift of a carriage clock to celebrate his 50 years in the lodge; this should have been presented at the January meeting but due to the delay in having the clock engraved it was delayed.

The festive ‘fish’ board followed accompanied by music, song & fun under the ‘usual’ direction of W. Bro. Stuart James and accordion player extraordinaire W. Bro. Tony Compton & regular guest and script writer from Norwich W. Bro. Jon Hyam. Even though W. Bro. James had said that last year was his final year as compare he was here again but this would definitely be his last; nevertheless he said this was one of the best fish nights he can remember over his past 11 years in comparing the evening.


OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 17th 2009 - W. Bro. Paul Thurgood took a deep breath and performed an excellent and at times a very moving and heartfelt ceremony of installing our Master Elect William Davenport Fraser. All praise to Paul for his hard work in what he describes as being his ‘annus horribilis’ year with the sad cancelling of his Ladies Festival playing a prominent part. However, Paul brushed aside his woes and gave all that attended a wonderful display of freemasonry ritual. In keeping with his Scottish up-bringing, Bill donned his kilt and proudly took over the chair as Master of the Lodge. Following a slightly shaky start he soon found his confidence and continued to install his officers. The presentation of the working tools were all given in an equally excellent manner by Louis Mayo, Andy & Austin Latham. Both Andy & Austin being ‘real’ brothers and Andy also being married to Bills daughter, I suppose you could say this was a bit of a family meeting! - W.Bro Roy Squibb gave the address to the Wardens and W. Bro. Sidney Gane PPAGM kindly gave the address to the Brethren.

There were 29 guests making a total of just over 70 in attendance.

NOVEMBER 21st 2009 - The passing ceremony at this meeting was unusual—our Worshipful Master W. Bro. Bill Fraser performed an excellent ceremony ably accompanied by his officers but alas due to the absence of our candidate the work carried out was purely a rehearsal (sadly our candidate at the last minute was unable to attend leaving little time to arrange a reserve). Bro. Tommy Nolan gladly stood in as candidate and was duly passed again! The meeting also included a lecture by W. Bro. John Sheppard (our Tyler) on ’Freemasonry and the Ancient Mysteries’ and W. Bro. Bill was proud to present a cheque for £1000 to W. Bro. David Tomlinson of the Southend and Essex Masonic Welfare Trust who also kindly gave a talk on the work of the trust.

JANUARY 17th 2010 - Our Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Bill Fraser having taken us to the third degree, he then invited W. Bro. John Jones into the chair to perform the ceremony of raising. This, W. Bro. John performed superbly with full support of the officers. The event earned the praise of the preceptor as this was the first time the degree had been performed with new officers and yet the ceremony had been practised only twice before the meeting; this was due to the intervention of Christmas and a cancelled LOI due to heavy snow—a marvellous effort by all. The W.M. was back in control for the festive board with his favourite dish Haggis; a suitably dressed Scottish guest then kindly gave the address to the Haggis.

FEBRUARY 20th 2010 - The meeting was sadly marked by the loss of W. Bro. Doug Innell who died 8th February. An eulogy was shared with W. Bro. Bill Fraser giving a brief history of Doug’s naval life and our Secretary of his Masonic career. Doug had been a member of the Lodge for 53 years and secretary for 14. Freemasonry played a very important part in Doug’s life.

The lodge stood to order in his memory. W. Bro. Cliff Thoms then entered the Lodge ably assisted by his ADC. They then both witnessed along with the rest of the brethren and visitors a superb passing ceremony. Our W.M. Bill Fraser provided a high standard of work which permeated to all his officers. Bro Stamps presented the tools, W. Bro. Willis the tracing board and Bro Andy Latham his excellent second degree charge. The afternoon and evening festive board went like a dream and W. Bro. Thoms stayed until the very end; something rare amongst visiting APGM’s

MARCH (FISH NIGHT) 20th 2010 - Over 90 attended this years meeting with a very well presented passing ceremony performed by our W.M. Bill Fraser and his officers. Bro Andy Latham gave the second degree charge again which during the year he has made his own. In deed all the officers performed perfectly to give our W.M. an excellent final meeting. We had 5 grand officers in attendance together with the V.W. Brian Proctor PDep.GM who thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

The festive board fayre consisted with fish, fish and more fish with music, song & fun under the ‘usual’ direction of W. Bro. Stuart James and accordion player extraordinaire W. Bro. Tony Compton.  Sadly, W. Bro. James had some sad news that this would be his last year as compare (which raised a hearty cheer!!!) that having carried out the task for some 14 years he felt it was time to make way for a suitable replacement to take on the task.  

The day concluded knowing that the Temple collection raised £294 and the evening raffle a sum of over £600 with W. Bro. Clem Britton winning the roll over raffle prize of the digital television.

JUNE (GOLF DAY) 4th 2010 - Regretfully this event had to be cancelled.


OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 18th 2008 - We knew the meeting would be a great event and our reigning master, Richard Bedini didn’t let us down or more to the point Paul Thurgood, installing him as our new Worshipful Master. His word perfect presentation of the ceremony was first class and was a pleasure to watch by the 67 brethren in attendance. Paul himself was excellent in taking the position over securing another strong year for the lodge. We were honoured with the presence of PPAGM, Sydney Gane and Grand Office W. Bro. Jim Smith representing Stisted Hall to who Richard presented a donation of £500.

The brethren dined to the festive board shown below and raised £475 from the raffle which included some 25 prizes and a star prize of a half board weekend for two in a Bristol Hotel donated by Bro Les Steptoe.

NOVEMBER 15th 2008 - Paul Thurgood entered into his first full meeting as Worshipful Master with enthused gusto knowing that once he had performed his first ceremony that then he would truly know he had achieved his goal as the master of the Albert Lucking Lodge. He performed the ceremony, a first degree with all his skills and feeling providing the candidate with a better insight into the ceremony he had just passed through. Paul also had the honour to welcome two new joining members in the Lodge, both who have recently moved to the area and one who found us through our website. All in all a lovely meeting for all.

DECEMBER (LOI XMAS DANCE) 13th 2008 - Sadly the evening had to be cancelled

JANUARY 17th 2009 - The meeting was a third degree and W. Bro. Paul Thurgood passed over the chair in favour of W. Bro. Richard Hartwell to perform the ceremony. The meeting in keeping with most January meetings was fairly low in attendance but the W.M. was not perturbed and enjoyed his day.

FEBRUARY 21st 2009 - Chairing his 3rd meeting our W.M. Paul Thurgood performed a passing ceremony. Bro Fraser presented the 2nd degree charge (rarely performed) and W. Bro. Willis gave an explanation of the 2nd degree Tracing board. All in all a lovely afternoon for all in attendance. The brethren retired to a festive board containing a Duck Casserole—the inclusion of the Duck by the Master raised a few eyebrows on what was to be expected but, passed with sailing colours and ‘superb’ being the only word to describe it! - sadly the home made rice pudding didn’t receive the same accolade.

MARCH (FISH NIGHT) 21st 2009 - The meeting was set to be a great event with 102 booked in. Our W.M. Paul delivered a 1st degree in a splendid manner well knowing this was his final full meeting as W.M. he made sure he enjoyed every minute and pulled out all the stops. His officers ably supported him with Bro. Austin Latham presenting a perfect presentation of the tools and Bro. Bill Fraser the pre-amble and charge. To add to this W.Bro. Brian Bowden-Brown presented Bro. Barry Bawden with his Grand Lodge Certificate with added (and very informative) historical information not heard by many before. And… if that wasn’t enough we had our APGM Cliff Thoms on an official visit with no less that 5 visiting Grand Officers. The APGM also welcomed Bro’s Smith, Stamps and Marshall and presented them with the Freemasons Companion.

The festive board consisted of the usual splendid fish fayre with music, song & fun under the ‘usual’ direction of W. Bro. Stuart James and accordion player extraordinaire W. Bro. Tony Compton.  The ‘rank’ sketch was resurrected with W. Bro. Bedini playing the W.M.,  Bro Stan Bunton the Steward and a great surprise to everyone the APGM stepping in and playing the part of the Grand Officer; he was received with great admiration and respect by all in attendance. Overall, combined with the Temple collection and the evening raffle a sum of over £900 was raised for charity - a wonderful achievement for the Lodge.

MARCH (LADIES EVENING) 7th 2009 - Sadly the evening had to be cancelled


OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 20th 2007 - The meeting was attended by 67 members and guests. Before the meeting commenced the Brethren were called to order as a mark of respect for W. Bro. Eric Varney (our Tyler) who sadly passed away during the 9th October.

Other than this sad start to the ceremony the afternoon was continued with a very professional installation of our Master Elect, Richard Bedini by W. Bro. Clarkson. W. Bro. Steptoe then presented, as a gift to the lodge, a set of inner working tools and also a little later surprised the lodge further by presenting a new Tyler’s sword—the lodge’s original sword had gone missing many years ago.

NOVEMBER 17th 2007 - All who attended this meeting were presented with a first class raising ceremony performed by W. Bro. Richard Bedini. It was his first full meeting as Master and to perform this degree so eloquently and in his totally relaxed manner is a credit to him and for the Lodge. His officers rose to the occasion and provided equally high support. What a shame there was only a mere 38 in attendance—all is not lost however, we have planned another raising ceremony in February so you have another chance, don’t miss it!

DECEMBER (LOI XMAS DANCE) 8th 2007 - The LOI Xmas dance returned after a 5 year break—returning on a Saturday evening as opposed a mid week Tuesday and with a live group the evening was considered a great success. As is the tradition our Senior Warden, Bro Paul Thurgood acted as president for the evening and did a splendid job in preparation for his official presidency at the Ladies Festival in March 2009. But, the real thanks must go to our Festival Secretary, Bro. Andy Latham whose idea it was and who played the major role in organising and running the event. The dinner consisted of traditional festive fayre with an alternative of Salmon. In addition to the enjoyment £661 was raised from the raffle for a local charity Stroke Buster.

JANUARY 19th 2008 - The meeting was small in attendance with 38 members and 5 visitors—they were however, presented with another fine ceremony by our W.M. Richard Bedini ably supported by his officers—following the passing ceremony W. Bro. Willis gave his usual excellent explanation of the 2nd tracing board.

FEBRUARY 16th 2008 - This meeting was special for many reasons. Our W.M. Richard Bedini performed a superb raising ceremony and accompanied by his officers was as near perfect as you could get. Bro Thurgood gave the long working of the 3rd degree apron and W. Bro. Bowden Brown gave the ’The Walking Charge’ - a delight to watch and fully appreciated by all the brethren. We had the presence of our APGM, Cliff Thoms who presented a certificate to Bro Les Steptoe on his completing 50 years in freemasonry; very many congratulations Les! - The APGM also welcomed Bro Bawden and presented him with the Freemasons Companion. He also presented our W.M. with the certificate from the Province confirming our Grand Patron status in the Essex 2011 Festival. And if that wasn’t enough we had the pleasure of several Irish Brethren as guests. Having the previous evening presented an Irish initiation ceremony at the 75th anniversary of the Old Southendian Lodge, they wished to see an English ceremony before they returned home. New friends were made all around.

MARCH (FISH NIGHT) 15th 2008 - Our Worshipful Master, Richard Bedini completed his very successful year in office with an equally successful first degree. He ended the ceremony by performing the pre-amble and charge to the delight of the 95 brethren in attendance. All his officers again gave their full support with a special mention for the work performed by the Junior Deacon, Andy Latham. Our candidate could not have had a better introduction to Freemasonry.

The meeting was followed by our annual fish night festive board. In addition to the excellent menu the brethren were entertained to music, song and fun under the ‘usual’ direction of W. Bro. Stuart James ably assisted by Bro’s Andy Latham, Lewis Mayo and Terry Thurston. W. Bro. Clem Britton and Bro Tommy Nolan had solo spots with a surprise solo from W. Bro’s Ray James and Mike Joel… The day concluded with Richard declaring that the evenings raffle had raised £800!! - a wonderful day for all and the Lodge.

APRIL (LADIES EVENING) 5th 2008 - The evening got off to a great start at 6.45pm with all brethren & guests being greeted by our ever smiling and quick witted Master, Richard Bedini accompanied by his charming wife, Jayne. Dinner was served followed by speeches and toasts. The most important being to the Ladies presented by Paul Thurgood with a confident and humorous reply from Sheila James.

There followed dancing to the music of ‘Rumours’ and as usual a ‘bumper raffle’ which raised £545 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Our festival secretary Andy Latham together with his followers (and more importantly his wife Linda) must be congratulated for all their efforts in providing an excellent evening.

The dinner menu was a main course of traditional Roast Beef with a Toasted Butter Croissant with Mushroom, Thyme & Brandy Cream starter and dessert of White Chocolate & Amaretto Gateaux with Milk Chocolate Ice Cream—there was also a vegetarian alternative.

Richard and Jayne enjoyed a superb evening accompanied by their many friends and family.  

JULY (GOLF DAY) 6th 2008 - The weather held for another terrific Albert Lucking Golf Day…

There  were 76 golfers who attended and 2 evening diners. The first team teed off at 12.00 midday and the last team returned at 5.30pm. There was then 2 hours of heavy drinking light refreshment followed by a lovely 3 course meal consisting of Avocado & Prawns, Rib Eye Steak and Cheesecake (sounds familiar!!)

After 5 years of trying one of Dean Burling’s teams finally won with 93 points; needless to say Dean (who organises the event) took a bit of stick... 

Richard Bedini’s guest Laura won the individual, playing off of 26.

Bob Stevens missed out on the Rabbit prize for worse score this year by 3 points; it went to Ted Davis of Trinity Lodge who managed to score zero.

The evening included a raffle and very successful auction—£550 was bid for tickets to the British Grand Prix including entrance to the pits and grown men fought over two large cuddly toys; one raising £100 and the other £80!! - A very special thank you must be given to John Jones who obtains the furry things which he has done so for all the past Golf Days…

The whole day raised £3,356.20 (less £250 for cost of T-shirts).


OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 21st 2006 - The meeting was attended by 75 members and guests for what turned out to be a memorable installation ceremony performed by W. Bro. Richard Walker & W. Bro. Brian Bowden-Brown—our new master W. Bro. Mike Steptoe could not have wished for a better ceremony and he too took the chair in a very professional  manner. There were several other hi-lights during the afternoon.

Firstly, after W. Bro. Walker had been presented with a past masters, collar and jewel by the Worshipful Master he then returned the compliment by presenting to the Lodge a new tools cabinet which he said was in appreciation for all the help the members had given him during his year.

The Worshipful Master on behalf of the members then presented a digital camera and docking station to our out-going Secretary, W. Bro. Doug Innell to celebrate his 15 years in performing the office. Finally, W. Bro. Robert Mount (a visiting Grand Officer and our Chapter secretary) then presented to the Worshipful Master some old regalia, a certificate, summons and ritual book, belonging to a past member Bro. Albert Brown. W. Bro. Mount read from the items that the brother was initiated into the Lodge in 1918 and remained a member for at least 10 years. He was happy to return the items for our archives and felt confident that we should be able to discover further history of our long departed brother.

NOVEMBER (FIREWORK FESTIVAL) 5th 2006 - Sadly we were unable to obtain permission from Southend Airport Authority to provide the firework display.

NOVEMBER 18th 2006 - The meeting was a relatively quite affair with just 36 members and 5 guests attending. This however did not detract from the double passing ceremony performed by W. Bro. Clem Britton who provided a relaxed and at times amusing presentation. W/Bro Willis presented an excellent explanation of the tracing board.

All due credit must be given to the Worshipful Master and his officers in performing their first full meeting.

The brethren were called to dine at 6.45pm with the following slightly ‘unconventional’ menu:- Chopped Egg & Onion with mixed salad (surprisingly nice!), Steak & Kidney Pudding, Chips (yes Chips!), Peas & Carrots, Crème Brulee, English Cheese Board. The quality of the food was very good with the majority of the brethren in approval.

JANUARY 20th 2007 - This meeting consisted of an excellent raising ceremony performed by W. Bro. Hartwell in his usual impeccable way. The meeting was also honoured with the presence of W. Bro Clifford Thoms APGM who presented certificates to W. Bro. Richard Hartwell for achieving 60 years in freemasonry and to W. Bro. Doug Innell for reaching 50 years—the brethren showed their appreciation for two great members of the Lodge. The menu at the festive board took on the theme of an Old English Fayre consisting of:- English Lamb Broth, Roast Topside of Beef with Colcannon Potatoes and Roasted Root Vegetables, Baked Apple with Ice Cream, English Cheese Board. The meal and evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all which ended at 10pm.

FEBRUARY 17th 2007 - The meeting consisted of another raising ceremony which was performed by W. Bro. John Jones. His working of the degree was excellent and he justly deserved the accolade of appreciation from the brethren. The festive board rounded the day off with a relaxed atmosphere.

MARCH (FISH NIGHT) 17th 2007 - The work in the temple was an initiation ceremony performed by W. Bro. Stuart James—being the DC and Preceptor of the LOI, he had a lot to live up to. He then put on his compare hat and took over the  running of the festive board entertainment, which consisted of music, song and plenty of corny jokes from his repertoire—he was supported by Richard Bedini, Adam Norman, Andy Latham and Lewis Mayo with a solo performance of ‘Spanish Ladies’ from Tommy Nolan. Tony Compton, as usual provided his marvellous ongoing musical accompaniment throughout. The evening was memorable for all who attended but in particular it will be remembered most, no doubt, by our Master Mike Steptoe as this was his last meeting. He hands over the Lodge to our Master Elect, Richard Bedini during October. Mike should not be disheartened however, as the meeting raised over £1000 for charity.

APRIL (LADIES EVENING) 21st 2007 - The Ladies Evening, held again in Saxon Hall was a well attended event enjoyed by all but more especially by the President, Mike Steptoe and his wife Carol who were accompanied by many members of their family and friends. The evening consisted of the usual lady evening protocol together with the very high quality ‘Bill Fraser’ raffle—amongst the 40 odd prizes was a TV, CD player, DKNY watch and other well known fashion accessories and gifts. (One hi-light of the evening was that our notorious ’lucky’ Paul Thurgood didn’t win a light all evening!!) The festival committee chaired by Andy Latham must of course be given credit for all the hard work in organising the event with a special mention for his wife Linda, who was kept very busy behind the scenes. The President expressed his thanks to all involved for such a memorable evening.

JUNE (GOLF DAY) 8th 2007 - At Little Burstead the day started at 10am with 76 golfers enjoying breakfast and waiting for the rain to stop apart for Mr. Clarkson who was drinking lager! The 76 were made up as follows:- 11 members of Albert Lucking—10 members of Trinity 1734 (which included the player flying in from Ireland as he does each year)- 2 members of Albion 9—2 members of Old Friendship and 51 guests…

The sun came out at 11am and play started at 12.30pm for all teams apart from the Norman’s (father & son) who managed to sneak away early. The teams started to arrive back at the club house at 4.30pm for a few drinks before dinner at 7.30pm. The meal consisted of a prawn starter, rib eye main and cheese cake dessert. Winners on the day were:- Team winners: H. Shelley’s Single winner: H. Shelley—single 2nd: P. Maugham—single 3rd: K. Peak. Nearest the pin: P. Jones—Longest drive: T. Juchnieki (15 years old!) Rabbit (worst score): Bob Stewart (organiser can’t reveal his score for two reasons 1. It would be rude 2. He didn’t score anything!) The total raised for charity (from raffle, sale of t-shirts, sponsors, auction & fees) was £2025. Following further drinks after the dinner, carriages were called at 10pm concluding a very successful and happy day.


MARCH (FISH NIGHT) 18th 2006 - Our meeting’s hi-light was a special presentation to Bro Bill Fraser who celebrated 50 years in freemasonry—Bill started his Masonic career in a Scottish lodge but having moved down to Essex joined our lodge through his son-in-law Bro Andy Latham—Bill was a great catch! (fish night connection there) and the Albert Lucking lodge has gained enormously by his membership. Our annual FISH NIGHT festive board followed the meeting where the brethren were entertained (and joined in with) hearty singing provided by W. Bro. Stuart James and Bro Paul Thurgood accompanied by the accordionist extraordinaire Tony Compton. Stuart & Paul provided some funny stories which many went down like a lead balloon and incurred jeering and some calls of ‘get off’ - but being hard skinned (and possibly hard of hearing) they managed to stay the course. The meeting was enjoyed by all and was attended by the APGM Sydney Gain together with 51 members and 49 guests.

APRIL (LADIES EVENING) 29th 2006 - Our Worshipful Master Richard Walker chose Saxon Hall to hold his Ladies Festival which was a great success. Richard and his Lady Sally were excellent hosts and all who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The dinner consisted of:- Thin Sliced  Palma Ham with Roast Peaches & Mixed French Leaves, Passion Fruit Sorbet, Escalope of Turkey, Stuffed with Sausage Meat with Apricot & Chestnut Farce accompanied with New Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables, Caramel & Hazel Torte with Coffee Ice Cream & Banana Syrup.

The evening proceeded with dancing and a huge raffle comprising of at least 50 prizes!

There was a little trepidation as this was our first Ladies Festival held in Saxon Hall but any worries were soon dispelled as the evening got under way. A special vote of thanks must be given to the Festival Committee in particular its head Andy Latham for all their efforts in making the evening such a success.

JULY (FETE/QAMBLE) 2nd 2006 - The Qamble took place at Saxon Hall and the Lodge supported the event by having a football stall—kick the ball through the hole and win a leather football— Brian BB and Paul Thurgood supported by Paul’s delightful wife Anne volunteered to run the stall. Sadly, it appeared that the event was not greatly supported even though it was a gloriously sunny day with temperatures in the 90’s

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