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Austin Latham with his wife Rhona visited Dublin during the weekend of the 13/14th February; they were accompanied a day later by Roy Squibb and his wife Pam, Stuart James and his wife Sheila together with Robert Mount and Ian Hunt both from the Shoeburyness Lodge.


Visit to Ireland…

The installation meeting later that day didn’t disappoint either and from the moment the Brethren were called to order was the moment the visitors from Southend were in a different Masonic world! - The story and principals of freemasonry is the same throughout the world but the interpretation varies between countries and so the visitors were stunned that Ireland a mere 50 miles away could be so different.


Other than touring Dublin City the visit included a personal tour of the Grand Lodge of Ireland together with the brethren attending a meeting of the Skillet & Trowel 981 Lodge.

Ian Simpson a founding member of Skillet & Trowel gave the invitation to Austin by way of continuing the Albert Lucking connection with the Irish lodge.

The tour of Freemasons’ Hall was given by the Grand Tyler of Ireland who’s knowledge of the building was immense. He guided the party through the Grand Temple, the extraordinarily ornate Egyptian Chapter Room and the temple of the Knights Templer.


With thanks to the members of the Skillet & Trowel Lodge together with the friendship of the Irish people and of course GUINNESS! - All made for a great few days away…


The English visitors easily spotted with badges over their jackets

Various views of Freemasons’ Hall

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