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Also acting officers from Provincial Grand Chapter were represented by:

E. Comp. Glynn Jarret    

Second Provincial Grand Prinicipal

E. Comp. Leonard Davies

Third Provincial Grand Prinicipal

E. Comp. Jeffrey Conway

E. Comp. Bernard Willis  

Ass. to the Provincial Grand Principals

E. Comp. Alan Richards

Ass. Prov. Grand Director of Ceremonies

Prior to the entry of the Provincial Grand officers a brief eulogy was given by E. Comp. Bill Fraser for E. Comp. Doug Innell who passed away during the 8th February; Doug was the first exaltee of the Chapter  and therefore it was with great sadness that he didn’t make this special occasion. The Chapter stood to order in his memory.  

The minutes of the consecrating meeting held during Monday, 4th February 1985 were read; the mentioning of all the founders names and potential exaltees and new members included in the address brought back memories for many of the 70+ in attendance and set the scene for the rest of the afternoon.

The meeting continued with an exaltation which was performed perfectly by the founding members with E. Comp. Simon Clarkson performing his first ceremony as PS; and he didn’t let us down! E. Comp. Robert Mount gave the Symbolical Lecture and our reigning MEZ E. Comp. Bruce Mapson gave the full Mystical Lecture; both deliveries eloquently performed by the companions. Our exaltee knew this was going to be a memorable meeting which he sensed during his ceremony and felt some pride in being part of the event.

Just prior to the meeting closing E. Comp. Glynn presented the Chapter with its Grand Patron certificate for its charity contributions to the Festival 2011; a befitting end to the afternoon.

Albert Brown Summons 2 Albert Brown Summons

The Festive Board continued the theme with the three Principles providing a very interesting account of when the Chapter was formed and some of the difficulties they faced.

Most E. Comp. Guy Jerman replied to the Province toast in a splendid and very humorous but congratulatory way towards the Chapter which was warmly received by all the companions.

Thanks and congratulations must be afforded to all the officers that took part but in particular E. Comp. Robert Mount for all his preparations and effort in pulling the meeting together for what turned out to be a warm and memorable celebration of the Chapters very successful 25 years.


E. Comp

Michael Joel

(FOUNDING 1st ASS. SOJ.) acted as


E. Comp

Robert Mount


acted as


E. Comp

John Jones


acted as


In addition, two of the consecrating officers were in attendance…

Past Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Guy Jerman, and

Past Deputy Grand Superintendent Allan Kemp


Michael Steptoe


First Principal Sojourner

25 years have passed and the celebration of those twenty five years took place this day.

As a wonderful gesture the reigning MEZ E. Comp Bruce Mapson suggested that the remaining founders of the Chapter be allowed to host the meeting which is what took place…