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The Canute Lodge 3107 during the period January 1973 and May 1978 produced this informative and humourous document. It proved to be a valuable piece of communication for their members, at that time. Remember, there were no computers, smart phones or websites like we have today.



Amongst the many articles over this period we discovered one referring to our lodge. In the March 1974 edition it was reported that a team from the Canute Lodge visited our lodge for the purposes of singing the entered apprentice song to a new initiate. The request was made by the father of the initiate namely Leonard Bowden-Brown and I’m sure you have worked it out, his son was Brian Bowden-Brown.  

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This was a befitting start for Brian’s Masonic career as he went on to become a superb ritualist, Master of our lodge on two occaisons and raising considerable sums of money for charities over the years.

W. Bro. Leonard


A ‘young’ Brian Bowden-Brown

Brian today…

To read these publications which contain much humour and many interesting articles and some of which are still relevant today, go to the Canute Lodge website by clicking here