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Albert’s summons is similar in fold and size as our present day summons.

However the printing was restricted to what you see here on the front and the inside page—that is it, not even the Lodge logo! One can only assume as this period was during the First World War cost’s had to be kept to a bear minimum.

As for the work at the meeting, there was an awful lot of it—note it doesn't mention anything about calling off and there is also no mention of whether they had dinner to follow?  

Albert Brown was initiated into the Albert Lucking Lodge on the 16th February 1918, passed on the 16th March and raised on 20th April in that year. He was appointed Steward on 18th October 1919 and continued to serve as a steward fairly regularly until 1922 when his attendances became irregular. He was reappointed as a steward in 1923 & 1924, but not re-appointed  at the 1925 installation meeting. We note Albert had a Masonic Club card dated 1928-9 but after that the trail goes cold.

I am hoping to obtain from our secretary a later minute book and old summonses, which may cover the Masonic fate of Albert Brown. However, below is some further photo’s of his regalia etc.,

Albert’s ritual book above was considerable smaller than our present book—the open page displayed on the right is the actual size. I can only assume it was made so small to enable it to be carried and concealed easily wherever you go.

You can se that it was printed in London MDCCCCXVIII which if I calculated correctly is 1918...

The jewels top band reads STEWARD 1924 and as you can see refers to The Royal Masonic Institution for Girls of which the Lodge was a Patron.

You can see from the above club card that half of the back has been torn away but it does show Brown, a day in 1929 and a cost 10s 6d (whether there was any £’s in front of that we don’t know) - this is (for the moment) the last piece of information regarding Albert’s Masonic life.

Albert’s badge is a little worse for wear—the tassels have darkened over the years and it is a little threadbare behind—no doubt a lot of this was caused by the constant folding away in the (nicely engraved) but tiny cramped carrying case.

5¾ inches (14.5cm) 1¾ inches (4.5cm)




W. Bro Richard Hartwell

During our October 2006 installation meeting, W. Bro. Robert Mount our visiting Grand Officer presented the Worshipful Master with some old regalia, a certificate, summons and ritual book, belonging to a past member Bro. Albert Brown. His relations managed to trace the Lodge through this website but regretfully I am unable to trace too much about Bro. Albert.

Albert Brown Summons Albert Brown Summons 2